Hoosier BBQ Grill Clean is the grill cleaning service you’ve been waiting for. We don’t just "clean it up," we perform a deep, hygienic clean that eliminates all those grease, fat, and carcinogen deposits that keep your grill from cooking up its best. Whether yours is propane-powered, natural gas, an outdoor built-in, or even a Green Egg - you will be thrilled with the results.

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How are we different? Because we:

  • Use one of a kind, bio-friendly, pet-friendly cleaning solutions

  • Use a heated process tank

  • Get amazing results

Our proprietary system removes traces of grease and fat, and we get into all those awkward spots you’ve probably never touched. We use a premium grade, bio-friendly, pet-friendly cleaning solution that, combined with our heated cleaning tanks, leaves the grill racks, flavorizer bars, and heat plates completely degreased. In addition, we clean the hood, wire catch pan, drip pan, control knobs, and grill top. Your BBQ grill will be transformed!

Along with a grill that you're happy to cook on again, there are additional benefits:

  • Health — Removes harmful carcinogens that can be transferred to your food

  • Extended grill life — Prevents future corrosion and removes buildup

  • Plant and pet friendly — Uses a superior, environmentally friendly cleaning solution

  • Great looking grill — Leaves your grill with a shiny finish

And it’s fast. We can typically clean your grill in approximately two hours. Call, email, or fill out this quick form today to schedule a cleaning. Serving Indianapolis, Meridian Hills, Williams Creek, Fishers, Carmel, Geist, Noblesville, Pendleton, and beyond!